Porch or house entrance decorated for halloween or traditional fall holidays

10 Cute and Affordable Porch Decoration Ideas for Fall

A change of seasons is a great time to update your decor, both indoors and out. Here are some ideas for the porch.

1. Replace flowers with greenery.

Flowers in bloom signal spring and summer. You can keep a sense of vibrancy by moving from flowers to green, leafy plants.

2. Add comfortable furniture.

patio outdoor furniture rattan wicker chair with red orange pillow picture taken from above

Built-in benches are one possibility. If space is at a premium, built-ins can maximize the usability of the space and can even include storage.

3. A heat source.

Fall weather means cooler temps. A heat source not only makes the space look more cozy and inviting, it can extend the usability of the space by several weeks.

4. Updated fall color scheme.

This can be done by simply updating accessories, such as the plantings and the floor mat. But if the space is in need of a new paint job, this is a great time to choose neutral colors, like beige or black, that play well with other fall colors.

5. A display of pumpkins and gourds.

If you garden, you can add fresh pumpkins and gourds to the space. Alternately, you can buy decorative pieces to give the same look but with less risk of it getting messy.

6. A basket of throws.

If adding a heat source is out of budget, you can still keep toasty warm while sitting on the porch. Baskets make for great fall decor and can do double duty to store small blankets.

7. Large candles.

While they won’t provide much heat, they can provide light and ambience. Toasting marshmallows over a candle flame is a fall tradition in many households and there is no reason that can’t be done on the porch.

8. A terra cotta planter.

Gourds and pumpkins in a terracota pot are displayed on slate steps or stairs

This can look great whether in a natural terra cotta color or a rustic black version. Use it as a planter to add greenery or use it as decorative storage.

9. A wreath.

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. You can find wreathes appropriate for welcoming fall weather and signaling that your porch is in use as part of the living space.

10. A jute doormat.

Fall weather means more need to wipe your shoes. If you have to replace the doormat, jute is a great look for fall.

If your porch is in need of some TLC, give us a call today.

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