What to Expect with Your Project

Dream Builders of Virginia thanks you for choosing us for your project!

Let’s make installation day get off to a great start!! Please review the items below: 


Crew Arrival Time:

Our crews arrive between 8 am-10 am on the day of installation. The crew will work until sundown to complete a project depending on its size. Crews typically do not work Saturdays.



The crew chief will introduce themselves when they arrive at your home. Our material handlers will clean up at the end of each day. Be mindful that there will be some debris and trash while the crew is working on your project. The work area can get loud and messy at times. At the completion of the project, a walkthrough will be completed & all work areas will be left as clean as possible.  Please direct any questions with installation to our office: 540-295-4111 – We’re always happy to help!



Our installers will be as neat as possible. Yet some damage to sod is typical & will need some minor touching up. We are not responsible for any damage to plants, grass, or landscaped areas. Please remove all wall decorations, mirrors, breakables from the interior walls where the work is being done as banging & vibrations could cause these items to fall/break. If electrical work is required, it is possible that some drywall may need to be cut. We patch/repair drywall to “paint ready” for you to complete.



We will order all materials & let you know when materials will be delivered to your home. On the day of the delivery & the day(s) of install, please keep your driveway clear. Any leftover materials will be removed upon project completion.



Please keep off and away from the build area during installation for safety purposes. The project is not to be used until the county has passed it for a final inspection.



Installers and Inspectors need reasonable access to complete the project build. Dogs/pets should be kept inside and fence gates unlocked. Driveways should be accessible for delivery and work trucks.



In the event of extra fill dirt due to excavation, the homeowner agrees to pay extra fees for removal and disposal. No charge if fill dirt is left on the property. Homeowners will be responsible for spreading fill dirt.



Please make sure ALL work to be completed is clearly stated on your contract so that there is no confusion during installation. Please note that any additional work that your installer is requested to perform that is not on your contract will incur additional costs; depending on the nature of the work.

 ✧ ✧ SUBMITTED BY Dream Builders of VA on your behalf:

HOAs: All Drawings and Documentation

County Permits, Inspections & Fees

Miss Utility: To have all public utilities marked

(Homeowner responsible for marking all private utilities)

Let’s get together and design your project today.