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4 Causes of Roof Damage

No roof tile is invincible, even though some types seem to be close. Inspect your roof in Virginia regularly and see if everything is normal. If you observe any problems with the flashing system, shingles, or gutters, speak with a roof repair expert to see what to do. The roof that shelters your home will spend its entire life outdoors, which means it is vulnerable to elements such as rain and snow and the pests and nests they make. Regular maintenance is essential if you would like your roof to last long enough. Here is what you need to know about the common reasons for roof damage.

1. Pests

Creatures like mice and rats can fight their way through crevices and holes, and termites and ants can go wherever they want. With regards to roof damage, squirrels, birds, and rats are the pests to worry about. These animals will climb up your siding or gutters without any problem and eventually decide to make a home on your rooftop. This provides them with a base to take the time to dig through the roof tiles of your house.

2. Weather

Your roof absorbs the elements, so you do not have to, so it is only fair to return the service by renovating it when it is damaged. Water, hail, snow, and sleet will damage your roof tiles. Those who stay in environments where hurricanes are common will need to pay more attention to their roof systems, as the wind may also be a real threat. Bad weather can break the roof tiles and possibly even rip the entire roof of the house.

3. Poor Installation

It is essential to have a licensed professional who will always do all roof repairs in your home. If you try to repair a leak yourself or lose the shingles, you could damage the roof more. Homeowners often feel like they can fix a small leak or climb on the roof and knock down some mislaid shingles; however, without a complete inspection, they can miss an underlying problem that can become a major one over time. If you have a problem with your roof, give us a call to see if you need a roof replacement.

4. Neglect

Please note that even the sturdiest roofs need maintenance. If you do not maintain your roof, it means any item is more vulnerable to the frequent wear and tear to which it is exposed. Inspect your roof whenever you can and call us if you notice a problem.

If your roof has not been checked for a long period, a professional roof inspection may be required. If the damage is severe, you might require the help of Dream Builders. As one of the leading roofing companies in Fredericksburg, VA, the team at Dream Builder has been building and supplying roof replacements to our clients for years. Whether we are working on your commercial building or residential building, our team will be with you every step of the way.

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