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5 Summer Memories You Can Make on Your Deck

Summer is in full bloom now, and it’s time to make some lasting memories! Whether you have children that enjoy the outdoors or neighbors that visit you often, you can make some amazing memories with all your loved ones on a great deck. Of course, the memories you make will be yours and yours alone, but we have some ideas of ways to make fun times, too.

1. A Backyard BBQ

One of the most common reasons people install a deck is so that they can have a space to put a grill, outdoor kitchen, or both. Outdoor cooking is a must in the summer, not just because the weather is often perfect for it, but because it gives us all a chance to get some fresh air and delicious food at the same time! Some long time favorites of backyard BBQs across America include hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, grilled veggies, watermelon slices, and, of course, icy lemonade.

2. Cozy Stargazing

For night owls, a deck makes a great place for comfortable stargazing. If you have a telescope, perhaps an outdoor table on the deck could double as an observatory. Or, since there are so many meteor showers in the summertime, sitting on a cozy outdoor sofa with a blanket at night could make a front-seat viewing space.

3. Garden Harvesting

Anyone with a green thumb can appreciate having access to a garden, large or small. With a deck, planters can be set up right next to your house, making watering plants extremely easy. You can also set up small greenhouses on larger decks, which are sure to give you a great harvest come the end of summer.

4. A Fun Campfire

Who doesn’t love enjoying a bonfire in the summer evening hours? One popular addition to decks is a fire pit or fire table, mimicking the burn of a wild campfire safely. There are options for faux or real fire, and some even allow additions of LED-colored flames for a calming effect. And, for real flames, you can always roast a marshmallow over the fire and make delicious s’mores, just like camping.

5. Holiday Light Shows

During summer holidays, such as Independence Day or Memorial Day, you can create your own light shows right from your deck, either with string lights and lanterns or with fireworks in permitted neighborhoods. Even during non-holiday nights, you can light up your deck with tropical-themed decorations, such as Tiki Torches. Pair a light show with some ice-cold drinks, and the night is young!

There are so many memories you can make on a deck, especially during the warm summer months. If you’d like to get in on the action, you can contact us today for a deck construction consultation. We’d love to work with you and build the perfect yard of your dreams, just in time to make these memories!

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