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Benefits of Having a Screened Porch

The summer and winter months of Virginia can sometimes be hostile. However, that shouldn’t keep us from enjoying the beauty of our yards. One way to appreciate our yards no matter what the weather is like is with a screened porch. Here’s why having a screened porch can be beneficial.

1. Additional Entertainment Space

If we like to host parties or small get-togethers, it’s easy for living rooms to become cramped. Sometimes people like to break off into smaller groups for intimate conversations. Yet our home may not provide them with the space that they need. A screened porch could be the solution that we need.

Not only does a screened porch allow us to entertain in all kinds of weather, but it can actually be the place to party. When decorated for such events, we might not want to host a get-together anywhere else in the house.

2. Nature Views In All Seasons

Perhaps the biggest benefit that a screened porch gives us is an ability to take in nature no matter what the temperature is outside. If it’s raining, we can still enjoy a cup of tea inside the screened porch. Perhaps it’s snowing or extremely hot outside. We can still sit comfortably inside the screened porch and be a part of nature without truly going out into it.

3. Comfortable Area To Watch Children

If one of the reasons that we don’t let our children play outside as much during the hot summer and cold winter is because we don’t want to be out there, too, then a screened porch can be a great solution. It offers plenty of areas to watch the children as they make a snowman or run around in the heat.

All the while, we can comfortably sit inside of the air-conditioned or heated porch. It allows us to watch over our kids while still providing us plenty of comforts.

4. Adds Value

Another benefit that homeowners may not realize is that a screened porch can actually add value to the home. They’re often seen as a bonus feature that many homes don’t typically come with. The fact that our house does have a screened porch could be a unique selling point whenever we decide to put the home up for sale.

5. No Bugs

For many of us, one of the best benefits of a screened porch is that it allows us to take in those summer nights without being a victim of bugs. Whether it be spiders, mosquitoes, or other pests, we can safely enjoy the evening without being eaten alive. Bugs can be a nuisance outside. We receive all of the benefits of being outdoors without actually being outdoors–and without the annoying bugs.

Get a Screened Porch Today

A screened porch can be an added benefit that we didn’t realize we needed. Contact us at Dream Builders of VA today to get started with designing and installing a screened porch. We’ll ensure the screened porch is customized to your liking.

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