Decorating Your Deck for Various Holidays

ipe decking with hidden fastners     If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor deck, then you probably know that your deck space is a fun area to decorate for the various holidays throughout the year.  Whether it is New Years’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas time, there are many creative ways that you can personalize your deck space with decorations that are holiday themed.  Even if you choose not to decorate your deck for each individual holiday, there are many things that you can decorate with that are seasonal in design.

One of the best things about decorating your outdoor deck, is that you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money, in order to create an area that is fun to enjoy throughout the designated season.  For example, if you plan to use your deck space during the cooler seasons of the year, you can invest in a gas-powered or an electric-powered heater for your deck; or you could simply store warm, thick blankets near your back door, that you carry to the deck with you, when you want to get cozy with a hot chocolate and gaze at the stars.  By using blankets for you, and your guests, you can save some money, if a heater is too expensive for your budget right now.

Other ways that you can decorate your deck for various holidays, is to swap out your throw pillows, on your sofa or lounger, and replace them with holiday-themed pillows.  There is a wide variety of holiday-themed pillows available on the market, and they are an easy, affordable way to enhance your deck, or any room within your home, very easily and quickly.

If your potted plants have perished since the weather has changed, you could replace your dead plants with plants that are currently in season.  Additionally, you can tie ribbons around your plants, or around your pots, that represent the current holiday.  Ribbons are available in a wide range of styles, designs, and prices, and can usually be found at your local craft supply shop, or online.  Ribbons can also be used to decorate the rails around your deck, or around your pergola or deck roof, if you have one.

Lights are another way to decorate your deck, according to whichever holiday season, or special event, you are celebrating.  String lights are available all throughout the year.  They can be found in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns.  The hardest decision to make, when choosing holiday string lights, is which ones to use, because there are so many varieties on the market.  String lights can be placed around the rails of your deck, around the post of a deck umbrella, around your potted plants, or on the bushes that are surrounding your deck.  Adding lights to your deck space will enhance the festive environment on your deck, as well as provide for safety and comfort, for you and for all of your guests.

Basically, the term, “the sky is the limit”, is true when deciding on ways to decorate your deck area.  Be as creative as you want to, and your deck will be a place that beckons for you to come outside and enjoy the fresh air, even as the sun fades away for the day.

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