Five Ways to Personalize Your Deck

pergolaAn outdoor deck is a wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors; enjoy a cup of coffee on a cool morning, soak up the sun during a warm afternoon, or read a book, as you watch the sunset’s magical colors appear.  If you have been searching for some creative ideas on how you can make your deck more interesting, and more unique, then perhaps we have some ideas for you to ponder.  Perhaps one of our ideas will help you, or they may spark a new idea, that you can use for your own personal deck.  Continue reading to learn more about ways that you can personalize your deck area.

  • Add interesting lighting:  Low-voltage lighting can go a long way, in terms of creating a cozy atmosphere for your home’s deck area.  Not only will lights add to the ambience around your deck, but lights will also help to improve the safety of your deck, during the nighttime hours.  You may decide to add functional lighting along the surface of your steps or attached to your rails, or you may choose decorative lighting, such as; lanterns, string lights, or even a firepit.
  • Add a pergola or a deck roof: A covering over your deck space can add great style and modern design, as well as help to provide some shade on those hot, sunny afternoons.  A pergola or a deck roof also provides an interesting place to decorate, either with string lights, lanterns, greenery, ribbons, or some other design that you want to try, for your festive, entertaining events.
  • Add a top board on your railing: A top board is a piece of wood or vinyl that lays perpendicularly to your rails.  This flat surface provides a nice place to lean upon, rest your ice-cold drink, or place small items that are decorative or are necessary for something special.
  • Add benches on your deck: Benches can be crafted out of deck boards, so they can match your deck flooring perfectly, or you can purchase pre-made benches at a home supply store.  A bench is a nice additional place for people to sit, or it can be a place to showcase a potted plant, or some other decorative artwork.  There are not many homeowners who believe that they have too many places to sit on their deck, and a bench is a fun, unobtrusive way to add more sitting space, to this outdoor area.
  • Add a firepit to your deck:  A firepit is something that can be used on a year-round basis.  Firepits can either be constructed of pavers, and built directly on top of your deck, or you can purchase a propane firepit at a home improvement store.  There are many different designs available, and you are surely to find one that will suit your particular needs and style.  Firepits can be used to add a little bit of warmth around the perimeter of the structure, or they can add quite a bit of cohesiveness and coziness to your outdoor living space.

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