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Fun Summer Additions to Your Deck

With a deck in your backyard, you can enjoy having a space that is an extension of your home and is a comfortable place to lounge during the warmer months of the year. There are ways to dress them up and increase their appeal when you plan to create new memories outdoors. If you want a few summer additions that create an inviting and functional setting, there are a few tips to follow to enhance the look and design of your deck.

Add a Lattice

One of the best ways to dress up your deck is to add a lattice, which can create the illusion of a wall and can add more visual interest. You can add vines at the bottom of the lattice, which will grow and become intertwined with the materials to create a beautiful design element that looks upscale and attractive.

Re-stain the Deck

Re-staining the wood materials on your deck can make it look new again after it fades due to frequent sun exposure and contact with environmental elements. Adding a fresh coat of color will make the deck look new again and can also reduce the risk of water, rot, and mold damage occurring and over the years. Before you begin the project, you’ll need to power wash and sand all the wood boards and give them two days to dry before applying the first coat of stain.

Add a Rug

With a rug that is used on your deck, it can make the space look like an extension of your interior setting and will dress up the space to make it look cozy and comfortable. Select an outdoor rug that has durable materials to ensure it’ll hold up well in the elements without fading or wearing down. The rug can also prevent a lot of dirt from getting tracked into the house when people come in and out. Consider a rug that has a bold print or pattern and brightens up the setting with the colors it has on display. All pieces of outdoor furniture on the deck should have contact with the rug to ensure it ties everything together.

Incorporate Plenty of Plants

Adding a few plants on your deck will dress it up and are an appropriate decor choice. Consider adding hanging plants over the deck, which will add a soft touch to covered patios. You can change up the plants depending on the season to ensure they thrive and look beautiful.

Add Exterior Lighting

One of the best touches you can add to your deck is exterior lighting, which will create a well-lit setting that is easy to navigate at night and makes it safer to use. Solar-powered lights are a popular choice and can be used on the posts, stairs, and post caps. They can also highlight certain plants or trees on display.

If you want to have a deck installed on your property this summer season, contact us to consider your options. You can enhance the quality of your property and also boost its value with the new feature.

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