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How to Enjoy Your Screened Porch This Fall

If there is no place on your property in Fredericksburg where guests can hang out, consider upgrading your home with a screened porch by Dream Builders. We build these types of porches for people in Fredericksburg, Staford, Caroline, King George, and the surrounding areas. Our porch layout will give you great views of the surroundings because we’ll build it according to your specifications. In this guide, you’ll discover why you’ll benefit from letting us construct a screened porch on your property and how you can enjoy it.

About Our Screened Porches

Our screen porches aren’t like other porches because we build them using Super Screen material. This screen is much stronger than an average screen, and we provide it with a 10-year warranty.

Another benefit is that we have the Screen Tight System. It’s basically a protective solution that serves as a barrier against pet damage. If you have a dog that always chews things, you’ll appreciate the protection that our Screen Tight System provides.

Benefits of Working With Us

If you work with us, you’ll have peace of mind every step of the way. To help you fully understand every aspect of your new porch, we’ll provide highly-quality designs with 3-D elements before it’s built. Other highlights include

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Expert installers
  • Low-key sales methods
  • Over 15 years of experience in the building industry

Our Screened Porch Provides More Atmosphere During a Football Game

When football season starts, the weather is pleasant, which is why many football fans hop in their cars in order to go tailgating. If you have a screened porch, you could experience the joy of rooting for your favorite team outdoors without totally leaving your home. This is possible because a screened porch is basically an extension of your living room. The only difference is that the screen replaces the walls. This means that you can place a TV on a screened porch so that everyone can watch a football game and get fresh air.

A Screened Porch Built by Us Ensures Very Comfortable Movie Nights

Nature can take a regular movie night to the next level. Instead of watching a movie in a stuffy space, everyone can hang out on a breezy screened porch. You’ll never have to worry about bug bites during a movie outdoors because our screen will keep all of the insects where they belong.

Our Screened Porches are Great for Sleepovers

Every child who hosts a sleepover party will want an atmosphere. The great outdoors is a practical backdrop for a sleepover, and many kids can experience this comfortably on a screened porch.

If you want to give the kids a memorable experience in the fall or winter, you could set up an outdoor fireplace. The fireplace will keep everyone warm throughout the sleepover. Also, if you monitor the kids, they’ll have opportunities to cook smores and hot dogs over the flame.

A Screened Porch Creates a Reenergizing Zone for Teens

Following any sports activity outdoors, a group of teens will need to place to catch their breath. A screened porch is an ideal place where teens can rest after a grueling game. They can lounge on the furniture until it’s time for the next game.

Contact Dream Builders today at (540) 295-4111 and learn more about our porches. We provide free estimates, and we’re licensed and insured.

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