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How To Keep Your Wooden Deck Clean

Your deck is an extension of living room and kitchen. Since you want to lounge around, read, cook or relax without worry, your deck also needs regular maintenance. And since most decks are made out of wood, it’s important to know the right way to clean it.

Below are four ways to keep your wooden deck clean:

Sweep Everyday

Just like inside your home, but you should always sweep your wooden deck at least every other day. Sweeping your deck helps keep dirt from gathering underneath the surface. It also gets rid of leaves, which can cause staining and attract unwanted pests.

Shovel As Soon As Possible

If you live in an area that is prone snowstorms, shoveling is of the utmost important. If you let snow sit your deck too long, cleaning is going to be the least of your concerns.

Snow leaves behind a lot of moisture when it melts, which can cause mold. And since wood is highly susceptible to water damage, it can also attract termites. As soon as the storm passes, put on your snow clothes and get ready to shovel. If possible, you can also try to clear the snow while intermittently while it’s snowing as well.

Don’t Let The Grease Fall

Whether it’s the first day of spring or the dead of winter, most homeowners loves to go out on their deck and cook on the grill. However, what some people don’t realize is that the grease from it can cause severe damage. Grease also produces stains, which can almost impossible to remove. You can easily prevent grease stains by investing in grease catcher. Always check on the condition of your grease trap to make sure it’s doing its job.

Keep it Sealed

Finally, no matter what type of deck you have, making sure it is sealed is crucial. Sealing your deck simply means protecting it from the elements such as UV rays and rain.

Sealing your deck not long prevents wood rot, but also extends its lifespan. It’s recommended you seal your deck at least every two years. You can seal your deck on your own, however, if it’s too much for you to handle, there’s no shame in hiring a professional.

The Takeaway

Your deck should be a place as comfy as the inside your home. To make sure your deck stands the time, create a regular maintenance plan to keep your deck looking brand new. If you’re looking to get a new wooden deck, contact us to set up an appointment or to learn more information today.

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