How to Protect Your Deck From Sun Damage

Decks always look beautiful after installation. However, decks start to lose their beauty due to either graying, fading, or sun damage over time. To prevent this, here are six ways we recommend for you to protect your deck from sun damage.

Use a protective sealant

Your deck needs protection from all kinds of damages, including UV rays and water damage. Sealing your deck is a must. When buying your sealant, make sure to buy that one that also protects your deck from sun damage. Sealants are applied every two years to ensure optimal protection in your deck.


Umbrellas provide instant shade to your deck. They are less effective than permanent structures. However, they are more affordable. Another downside of umbrellas is that they will cover a small area; therefore, you may need to pair them with other protection methods in large decks.

Trellises and pergolas

Trellises and pergolas are permanent structures that will protect your deck from direct sun and heat for as long you want. The designs will not interfere with the cool breezes or block you. You can use rafters at the top to let in sunlight or use fabric coverings that will be more protective.

Use a light color for your deck

Light colors tend to absorb heat. Avoid dark colors; however, they may look attractive and splendid. Dark colors are highly susceptible to fading and sun damage and require periodic maintenance.

Pick out a composite deck

Composite deck is a blend of plastic and wood particles, making them more durable and resistant to sun damage. Wood decks require high maintenance and have additional costs of sealing it done frequently in two years.

Avoid pressure washing your deck

Using pressure while washing your deck makes the wood weaker each wash time. Fragile woods will not be able to withstand UV rays. We recommend making yourself a DIY deck cleaner. However, pressure washing is the most common method of cleaning a deck; it softens the wood making it more vulnerable to sun damage.

Decks are an amazing part of our outdoor living, especially during summer, and we must maintain their beauty at the least cost. We, as Dream Builders, will make sure you get that fantastic deck that will last for many years. We provide quality deck services, among other services. Contact us whether you are in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and surrounding areas to get our fantastic deck services.

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