Lighting Ideas for Your Deck

trex deck     The outdoor deck of your property is a great place to relax, entertain, listen to the birds, and spend time enjoying the great outdoors.  This space is an area that can be enjoyed all throughout the day, as well as during the evening hours.  One way to make your deck inviting, safe, and cozy, is to use lights around the deck area.  Strategically placed lighting will brighten up your deck, and make the area very user-friendly, well into the evening hours.

There are two basic types of deck lighting that homeowners should consider for their deck space.  There are lights that are considered functional and lights that are considered decorative.

Functional lights pertain to lights that are built directly into the decking materials.  These types of lights include lights, such as; step lights, post cap lights, and side mount post lights.  These lighting sources that are wired into your electrical system, are bright, dependable, and are very low maintenance.  Step lights are placed on the vertical portion of your deck steps.  They provide for safety on the stairs, as well as a nice, comforting level of ambience.  Post cap lights are attached to the top of the rail posts.  This option tends to provide the brightest, functional light source available.  They will brighten up the expanse of your deck and will come in very useful for people that enjoy playing games on their deck, or reading into the evening hours.  Side mount post lights are attached to the sides of the rails, and can either be near the top, or near the bottom, of the designated rail.  These lights will provide plenty of light needed for maneuvering around your deck, but will not be so bright that they interfere with the quiet ambience of the evening.

Decorative light choices include lights such as; lanterns, solar lights, string lights, and even light from a deck fireplace or firepit.  Decorative lights are not tied in to your electrical system, and may be easily changed, in order to create a new and fresh style for your deck.  Lanterns are a simple addition to any deck area.  They may be solar powered or battery powered.  Lanterns are available in a variety of styles and colors, and they can be placed in many different areas of your deck.  Solar lights are also available in a variety of styles, including; spot lights, small figurines, and even solar string lights.  Solar lights are not always as dependable as electric lights, but they can add a bit of flare to any deck space.  String lights are perhaps the most common type of decorative lights, because of the myriad of types that are available.  Many different colors, shapes, and styles, allow the homeowner to easily switch different string lights, and they can be attached to almost any area of your deck.  Lastly, adding a firepit or an eclectic fireplace to your deck, can add some great ambience and conversation pieces to your deck.  Everyone likes to relax around a cozy fire, especially on a cool, dark evening.

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