Maintaining Your Deck

trex diagonal decking     As a homeowner, you know that there are always projects, that you can do around your home, in order to improve, or enhance, your surroundings.  Well, your deck is no exception.  An outdoor deck needs regular maintenance, in order to maintain a useful, welcoming environment for all to enjoy, as well as to protect the life expectancy, and the integrity, of your deck’s building supplies.  If you are interested in learning, or reminding yourself, about some routine deck maintenance procedures, then continue reading below.

Similar to any room in your home, a deck requires regular, basic cleaning, every now and then.  By vacuuming, sweeping, water hosing, or using a leaf blower on your deck, you can rid the deck area of leaves, small limbs, insect nests, and any other substance that has appeared on your deck.  With just a quick, regular cleaning, you can create a clean, welcoming area to savor and to enjoy.

On an annual basis, it is a good idea to take a closer look at your entire deck space.  Inspect the building materials for rotting wood, protruding nails, loose boards, and anything else that could use some attention and repair.  It is a good idea to make any repairs that are needed, in order to maintain the health of your deck and of the materials.  You may wish to hire a professional, in order to perform the repairs.

Washing the surface of your deck is also an important step in maintaining the health, the cleanliness, and the safeness of your deck area.  You may decide to wash the deck by applying an appropriate deck cleaning solution, followed with a lite scrubbing, and a thorough rinse with water.  You may also decide to pressure wash the deck’s surface, but be careful about applying too much pressure, because you don’t want to remove the layer of stain that is on the wood, or create any gouges in the wood’s surface.  Most professionals recommend that you clean the surface of your deck about every year, or two, depending on the amount of vegetation around your deck, and on your own personal preference.

Staining your deck is another maintenance procedure, that should be done on a regular basis.  This process should be completed at least every five years, in order to protect the wood, and to help maintain the beautiful, uniform appearance of your deck.  Wood stain is available in a variety of shades, so you may want to spend a little bit of time, deciding on the best stain finish for your particular style and environment.

It is also important to seal your deck, as well.  The sealing process usually takes place after the fresh stain is applied, and has had time to thoroughly dry.  It is important to ensure that the stain is applied evenly, and completely covers the expanse of the deck, in order to ensure complete coverage.  Sealing the deck will help keep water from penetrating into the wood, and causing wood rot.

Hopefully, you can use these guidelines to help you maintain proper care of your deck space.  A deck is an outdoor living space that can be used for so many purposes, and with just a little bit of regular maintenance, you can enjoy your deck area all throughout the year!

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