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Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Roof During a Storm

In harsh weather conditions, your roof is the main structure that protects your home from the elements. Unfortunately, harsh winds, snow, and rain can cause your roof to take a beating and can lead to expensive repairs. Therefore, it’s important to know the right steps to take to protect the roofing materials and reduce the risk of damage that occurs the next time there’s a storm.

Use Plywood

A simple and easy trick to protect your shingles or tiles on your roof is by installing plywood, which will work as a protective barrier on the building. Plywood or any other type of material that is durable and sturdy will prevent shingles or tiles from blowing off the roof, which can leave the roof deck exposed. If your roof deck doesn’t have any protection, it can increase the risk of leaks that develop. The plywood boards that you install should have a water-treated sealant that doesn’t allow any moisture through and helps the materials to hold up better during the storm.

Trim the Trees

Trimming the trees on your property can prevent the roof from getting punctured in the middle of a storm. If the trees start to move around and have contact with the roof, it can lead to significant damage that is expensive to repair. This will also prevent animals and critters from having access to your roof as they look for shelter.

Remove Items in the Yard

One of the most common ways that roofs become damaged in the middle of a storm is by having contact with loose items that blow around in the wind. Children’s toys, potted plants, and yard equipment can be lifted by the wind and puncture your roof. Remove all debris and material that is outside of the house to prevent anything from blowing away and causing damage to the building.

It’s also important to park your vehicles in the garage to prevent them from having contact with items blowing around in the storm. If you have to leave a car outside, use a car cover for added protection.

Clean Out the Gutters

It can be easy to neglect the rain gutters and forget to clean them out, especially before a storm. The rain gutters won’t allow water to drain off of the roof if they’re clogged and are full of leaves and debris. You’ll need to clean out the elements to prevent melted snow or rain from sitting on your roof. This can cause the roofing materials to deteriorate and break down at a faster rate. It can also increase the risk of leaks that form, which can lead to significant water damage in the building.

Knowing the right steps to take to protect your roof during a storm is essential to preserving your investment and prolonging the lifespan of the structure. Reach out to Dream Builders today to learn new ways to protect your roof and even replace it if it’s reached the end of its lifespan.

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