Stafford, VA

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Stafford, VA

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     Stafford is a welcoming, beautiful, fast-growing community that is located in northern Virginia.  Located approximately 40 miles south of Washington, DC and about 60 miles north of Richmond, Virginia, Stafford is conveniently located along the Interstate I-95 corridor.  It is an easily accessible community to reach, either by car, commuter train, or by airplane, as well.

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     Stafford is an area of Virginia that is rich in history, including stories that are associated with Pocahontas, George Washington, and many Civil War battles within the area.  If you are a history buff, then you will find several historical sites to visit, including the Stafford Civil War Park or the Historic Aquia Creek Marker, which is located just north of the city.

     Outdoor recreation is one main attraction in the Stafford area.  Many people like to explore the natural trails, parks, and gardens throughout the Stafford region.  One park that may be of interest is the Government Island Park.  Originally this site was home to the quarry that provided Aquia sandstone, which was used in the construction of such famous buildings as the White House and the United States Capitol Building. 

     Currently, the park is now a place for people to learn about local history, as well as partake in a variety of outdoor recreational activities.  The park has approximately 17 acres, where people can explore hiking trails, biking trails, and enjoy the scenic views all around the area.

     Other parks that are in the Stafford region, include; Widewater State Park, Willowmere Park, and Chichester Park, among many others.  Widewater State Park is a great place to hike along a designated trail, practice your fishing skills, enjoy an outdoor meal, or run in the open-spaced areas.  Willowmere is a wonderful place for young kids and families that are looking for a nice area to play outdoors and have plenty of space to run and play.  Chichester Park contains baseball fields, walking trails, picnic areas, and other outdoor entertainment areas.

     Stafford, Virginia also boasts several fun and interesting dining options.  For example, The Log Cabin Restaurant offers delicious menu items, as well as being a local place that offers special event dining, holiday dining, and a fine local cuisine that is a favorite among many people.  The Mason-Dixon Café Stafford is another restaurant that offers a wide variety of menu items, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu choices.

     Stafford is growing in population very quickly.  There are many reasons for this significant growth, including the fact that Stafford allows people to have a high-quality of life throughout the region.  Some residents, who work in the larger cities, enjoy the easy commute to Stafford, and the fact that there is so much natural beauty in the area for them to enjoy during their leisure time and their time at home.

     Taxes are generally lower in the Stafford area than in some of the larger cities and public schools have a high rating throughout the Stafford area.  Residents and visitors also enjoy many retail businesses that have opened around the region, as well as interesting golf courses, entertainment venues, and family-friendly venues, too.

     There is plenty to admire about the Stafford area.  If you are in the vicinity, then stop by some of the welcoming and interesting sites, or grab a meal at one of the local restaurants.  You may find yourself pleasantly surprised with all that Stafford has to offer.

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Stafford, VA

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