Deck Building Companies In Virginia, The Secret To Our Success

Whether you are looking to complete some work on your existing deck or hoping to install a new deck in Virginia, the team at Dream Builders has been developing our process for years. We are not a new company, and whether you are doing a reno or new project, our team is here for you. Here is a little peek behind the curtain on how we operate at Dream Builders.

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Building Our Quotes

One of the biggest jobs that we do with our potential clients is building our quotes. Quotes are an essential part of the business, and whether you are looking for a revamp of a deck or a complete new build. For updates, we need to consider the replacement materials, the work to stain and make it look cohesive. For new builds, we need to consider material costs, installation and of course what you envision. For all of our clients, we look to be as accurate as possible and will ask detailed questions to ensure that we can be concise. So, if we are asking a question, there is a reason for it!

Sourcing Our Materials

When it comes to sourcing our materials, we have done our research. We have multiple ins at some of the top factory and direct wholesalers in the state, which allows us to drop the cost to our clients. As well, we only source from American made companies that put an emphasis on quality materials over mass-produced pieces of material. Quality speaks for itself, and for our team of artisans, we always want to work with the best of the best. Plus, with decking, the material is meant to last for years, and only quality material will actually meet those expectations.

Setting Up Our Team For Success

When it comes to our company’s success, it really is the pre-work that we do before we arrive on the scene. Our team does the work to build the quotes, get the materials and arrive on-site with plans for the work. We don’t want to waste your time, and we don’t want to waste yours, and thus, we do the work beforehand. With Dream Builders, we do the work so that we can finish your dream project on-time and on-budget, every single time.


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Accurate Quotes

Finally, one of the biggest keys to success is our accurate quotes. Over the years, our clients have learned to trust our quotes, and no matter if we are providing a quote, or doing the work, the team at Dream Builders will always be accurate. From material costs to work hours, we want to ensure that our clients can expect what to pay and can budget accurately. It might seem simple, but it is one of the founding principles of our great company.

If you are looking to build a deck here in Virginia, it is about time that you talked to our team at Dream Builders. From new builds to repairs, and anything in between, the team at Dream Builders can deliver and finish your dream project with ease. Give us a call and see why we are one of the top deck builders in the state!

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