Roof Installation

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Roof Installation

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When you are looking for a new roof or a roof replacement, one of the critical aspects of that is the roof installation as a certified roofing company here in Fredericksburg, VA, the team at Dream Builder has been supplying, completing, and installing roof installations for years. We know our way around a hammer, can walk our clients through the process with ease. No matter if we are tackling a residential roofing contract or a commercial roofing contract, our installation process is the same. Here is a little more about our process, and some of the most common materials that we have seen go up on roofs around the city.

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Click here to request your FREE estimate today!

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The Roof Installation Process

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In this section, we are going to look at the typical roof installation process. Now naturally, this will change on the roof material, the service, and a few other factors. However, for the vast majority of our projects, this is how we do it. Note, that this is assuming that we are removing an old roof and installing a new asphalt roof. SO, let’s get started on what you can expect when Dream Builder’s arrives at your home or office for your roof installation service.

First, we will look to remove the shingles off the home, and any flashing, or drip edging that is damaged. We seek to keep as much material as possible, but sometimes that is not possible. We will deposit these in a roll-off dumpster, which we will remove from the site once work is finished.

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Second, we will move to any small repairs that we might have to make. This could include some minor work on plugging holes, or if necessary, we may need to repair some of the sub-roof.

Third, we will replace rotten wood with new plywood sheathing, and secure that sheathing to the building.

Fourth, we will start to lay down the asphalt roofing paper over the sheathing. This layer of paper helps create an inner barrier to ensure that water does not penetrate the home in significant storms. We install the paper in rows that overlap to ensure that things are covered, and no holes exist. The paper is secured to the sheathing through tacks or staples, depending on the paper we are using.

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Fifth, we will install ice dam protection which a synthetic membrane that acts as a barrier material. This protection prevents ice from moving under the shingles and penetrating the sheathing underneath. If this does happen, your roof will have significant water damage, and that is not something we want to see or have to repair!

Sixth, we will start the process of installing drip edging, which is nailed over the ice dam protection.

Seventh, we will apply new flashing where we need it, and the new pieces will be secured with nails and roofing caulk.

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Eighth, we will look to start to apply shingles across the entire roof. We will begin with the eaves, and work towards the peak. Typically, we will work with the easiest areas first, and work into the edges and vents last to ensure an even application.

Ninth, we will install flashing, and the ridge vent. If your roof does not have ridge vent’s in place, we would strongly suggest it. However, not all roofs can have ridge vents; if that happens, we will suggest a gable vent to ensure that air circulation is happening in your attic space.

Finally, we will start our clean-up and ensure that your space is clean as a whistle before we depart for the last time. This is also the time that a building inspector will come and approve the work, and we can sign the final pieces of paper!

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We know the roof installation process, but what should you install?

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Naturally, that is up to you, but here at Dream Builder, we have the experience and expertise to handle practically any roofing materials. Here are a few of the typical roof materials that we suggest for our clients in and around Fredericksburg, VA.

Metal Roofing

Metal is a great choice here in Fredericksburg, VA, as it will last for years, and years to come. Most metal roofs that we install have a life expectancy of over fifty years, and we know this be true. As well, metal roofs are durable, will handle the weird weather we get here in Virginia and are fire-proof. Not too bad, but one thing to note is that metal roofing is one of the most expensive options on the market, but they will pay for themselves down the line.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

One of the cheaper options that we offer, asphalt roofing is a mainstay here in the Commonwealth. We install hundreds of asphalt roofs every year, and our clients love them. With its simple application and average durability, asphalt roofs are an excellent choice for any home or investment property.

Wood Shingles

Once the most popular roofing material in Fredericksburg, wood shingles are a classic look that it is hard to go wrong with. No matter if you are a modern home, or a prototypical single-detached home, a wood shingle is an excellent choice. Plus, they are not as expensive as metal roofing but are a little more durable than your typical asphalt shingle.


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Why Chose Dream Builder For Your Next Roof Installation

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As the trusted roofers here in Fredericksburg, VA, the team at Dream Builders is uniquely qualified to tackle your roof installation. Our team has worked tirelessly to become the premier installers in the community, and we are proud of this fact. From residential clients to commercial clients, we install better than anyone on the market. We have completed hundreds, if not thousands of roof installations, and our expert craftsmen are some of the best in the business. From tile to metal, and even shingles, our team can install, caulk and finish your roof to absolute perfection. Call us today and see why Dream Builder is the premier choice for all of your roof installation needs in the beautiful city of Fredericksburg, VA!

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Let’s Get Started on that Roof Installation.

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