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5 Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Your roof is an incredibly important part of your home’s overall structure. When the roof becomes damaged or compromised, everything within your home is at risk. Properties with damaged roofs have fast-declining values and appeal, and they’re unable to withstand the ravages of truly inclement weather. For these reasons and more, making sure that your roof is in top shape ahead of winter is critical. Take advantage of the five roof maintenance tips that follow to keep your roof intact and functioning like it should.

1. Get Rid Of Autumn Debris

Depending upon the type of foliage that surrounds your home, autumn can leave your roof covered in debris. Clearing this away before seasonal rain or snow hits is important for preserving the integrity of your roof. When performing your fall-time cleaning, be sure to check the gutters, downspouts, and flashing. Get rid of all twigs, leaves, pine needles, and other tree-fall that has landed in these areas. Once this debris becomes wet and water-logged, it can lead to mold, leaks, and many other forms of property damage if left in place.

2. Beware Of Ice Damming And Get Rid Of Snow Build-Ups Right Away

Clearing your roof is a year-round effort, which is why many homeowners outsource this job to professionals. Just as organic tree-fall from the autumn months can have a negative impact on your rooftop, heavy snow loads can be detrimental as well. Letting excess snow remain on your roof for any extended period of time poses a number of serious problems. Warm afternoon temperatures can cause this snow to melt, and the inevitable drop in nighttime temperatures can cause the remaining slush to refreeze. This is what causes ice damming or build-ups of ice that collect on the outer edges of the roof, along the downspouts, and even in your gutters. Heavy ice and snow loads can overweight your rooftop drainage causing downspouts and gutters to detach from the building. These loads can also cause significant damage to roof flashing and tiles. As such, you’ll need to have a solid winter plan for routinely clearing these accumulations away.

3. Check Your Attic Insulation

Checking your attic insulation might seem like a surprising addition to your wintertime roof maintenance checklist, but it is still an important one. If your attic isn’t properly insulated or ventilated, your roof will be more directly exposed to the elements. This will leave it with a much higher likelihood of developing problems with ice damming. Your attic should always have adequate amounts of ventilation, and a strategic layout that allows for ample airflow.

4. Repair Damaged Flashing And Replace Missing Shingles Before The Winter Season Starts

Be sure to check your flashing or have it professionally inspected before the harsh winter weather actually arrives. Damaged and severely aged flashing can leave the roofing substrate exposed to moisture and other elements. This can in turn, increase the likelihood of costly mold problems and interior leaks. Keep in mind that having damaged flashing replaced ahead of the wet weather is infinitely easier and far more effective than scheduling these services in the middle of the storm season. Damaged or missing roof tiles or shingles should likewise be replaced.

5. Schedule A Winter Roof Inspection

While you can certainly grab your ladder and rake to clear fall-time debris off your roof on your own, certain aspects of winter roof maintenance should only be handled by a seasoned professional. Scheduling a comprehensive roof inspection ahead of the cold season is the surest way to verify the continued integrity of your roofing. This visit will also give your roofer the opportunity to catch and correct minor roofing issues before they’ve spiraled out of control.

If your roof is in serious need of repair, or if your home is ready for a total roof replacement, call Dream Builders today. We can get your rooftop ready for the cold, challenging months of winter while adding both value and curbside appeal to your entire property.

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