Deck Ideas & Designs

     There is very little doubt that if you scroll through deck designs on the internet, that you will find a plethora of designs and ideas.  You may also want to meander through a bookstore or a home improvement store, and peruse their shelves for deck ideas and designs.  There are so many options available, that you may find it challenging to pick the best design for your own soon-to-be-built deck; however, one of the main things that you should do, as you look through the various designs, is to decide what features are most important to you, what you can afford, and what design are practical, for your own personal deck.

You may, first, want to consider the size of your deck.  If you are going to build a deck along the back of your home, then you may choose to build it along the entire expanse of your home, or you may build it partially along the back of your home.  Perhaps you want to add a patio beside your deck.  In that case, you will want to layout a plan for the dimensions of the deck, as well as for the patio.

Decks can also have varying levels.  Perhaps you want to have elevated sections of your deck, either for a sitting area, a grilling area, a hot tub space, or some other interesting section.  It is important to consider the different uses that you hope to have with your deck, so you can plan accordingly, and construct the exact type of deck that is going to be beneficial for you and for your family.

Some homeowners like to add curves to their deck space, which adds character and provides for some additional space.  A curved section on a deck is a nice place to add a dining area, or maybe even a firepit with chairs gathered all around the firepit structure.  A curved area on your deck adds visual appeal, ambience, and practicality, all at the same time.

During the construction of your deck, you may want your contractor to add fun and interesting features, such as placing the deck boards on a diagonal pattern, instead of horizontal patterns.  You may wish to upgrade your railings, balusters, or even add a pergola to your deck area.  You can also add a top board along the perimeter of your rails, or ask for varying stain finishes and/or perimeter board that is a different color.  All of these features add style and character to your personal deck area.

Lastly, you may wish to add lighting features to your deck area.  Functional lighting can be added to the steps on your deck, or to the rails.  Deck lighting adds great appeal, as well as safety features for everyone who visits your deck space.  Lights are an addition that do not cost very much, but will provide you with many benefits, especially when enjoying your deck on a cool summer evening, or during a crisp, fall nighttime retreat.

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