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Get the Best of Both Worlds by Having a Screened Porch

Are you looking to add something special to your outdoor space? A screened porch adds the best of both worlds – an inviting outdoor space that gives you year-round shelter from bugs and weather. Dream Builders, a licensed Class A builder in the state of Virginia providing decking and roofing services, sunrooms and screened porches, gazebos, and pergolas, can help bring this dream alive! In this post, we’ll explain why so many homeowners love having a screened porch.

1. Get protection without sacrificing comfort

The beauty of a screened porch is that it offers an outdoor oasis all year round. Whether it is snowing, raining, or blazing hot out – you don’t have to worry about bugs or bad weather getting in the way of your relaxation time. Plus, you still get natural airflow for a breezy day lounging outdoors any time of the year.

2. Enjoy greater privacy than other outdoor spaces

A mid century modern screened in porch int he morning

Unlike patios or decks, which may have high visibility from neighboring properties, screened porches come with higher walls (or screens!) so that you get more privacy from prying eyes or curious neighbors. You can truly make this space your private retreat.

3. Have flexibility for different activities

Are you hosting friends for dinner in the summer? Are kids playing tag on a rainy day? Do you need more storage room in winter? The versatility of screened porches means they can be used for almost any activity – all while keeping insects at bay!

4. Keep pets safe while outdoors

Pets often love sitting outside with their owners, but if they don’t have an enclosed space like a screened porch, they could wander off too far while digging around in plants or dirt outside their property boundaries without even knowing it! Keeping pets safely nearby can ease owners’ minds when spending time outdoors together.

5. Save money compared to building an addition to your home.

Beautiful Screened Porch with brick walls

If you want additional living space but avoid the hassle (or expense!) of building an addition to your home, why not consider constructing a screened porch instead? It’s extremely cost-effective compared to having new rooms built, plus probably much less work dealing with permits and red tape than if extending your home was involved – not to mention taking up much less time during construction too!
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