Chairs and side tables around fire pit in outdoor living space for gathering

How to Update Your Deck for Laidback Outdoor Living This New Year

The new year is just around the corner, and it’s a perfect time to reflect on the past 12 months and plan for the year ahead. We’ve got some great ideas if you’re looking for ways to update your outdoor living space. Check out our favorite way to update your deck for laidback outdoor living this new year.

1. Replace old furniture with new ones

If your furniture looks tired and worn out, consider replacing them with new ones for a fresh look! You can find a wide range of furniture pieces at different stores that will fit perfectly with your existing decor or color scheme. Choose from different styles, including contemporary and traditional, or go for something more colorful, like modern furniture sets with bold colors like reds or blues.

2. Update your lighting fixtures

Beautiful Decorative outdoor string lights hanging on tree in the garden at night time

Lighting is one of the essential aspects of updating an outdoor space since it can dramatically change how your space looks! Make sure you have plenty of light sources and good lighting fixtures so you can see everything clearly while entertaining guests or simply relaxing outside during those warm summer nights! In addition to having plenty of lights, consider adding some mood lighting, such as string lights or candle holders, to create an intimate ambiance.

3. Consider adding a fire pit

Fire pits are not just for camping anymore. They can be used in any space and fit into any design scheme. Fire pits are great, whether under an overhang or in an open area because they allow people to gather around them and socialize while staying warm. When choosing a fire pit, consider how much space you want around it and how many people will use it at once. You also want to ensure that it is safe for everyone present by keeping children away from flames and ensuring that any flammable materials are kept far away from flames at all times.

4. Add hanging plants from above

A ceiling of hanging plants adds a sense of privacy and comfort to an outdoor space. The best thing about them is that they can be placed anywhere — near a seating area or along the railing — and they are easy to maintain. All you need to do is prune them once every two months and water them once every week.

5. Add an outdoor bar

Modern style Bar counter on the deck with roof

To entertain outside, it’s crucial to have all the essentials. An outdoor bar can be the perfect place to mix drinks, serve food and keep everyone comfortable in one spot. Try adding a large table with seating for guests near the entrance so they can watch others arrive and leave without being interrupted by them. A few bar stools around it will make it easy for everyone to gather around while waiting for their drink order.

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