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How Your Roof Replacement Can Save You Money

Sometimes we take our roof for granted and don’t pay much attention to the roof over our heads. There is more to a roof than we might believe, and they can get damaged without our realizing it.

The slightest damage to the shingles or flashing can cause leaks that can lead to damage that is expensive to repair. In addition to damage, replacing your roof can save you money in other ways.

Storm Damage

Storms are the main reason a roof gets damaged. Wind can bend and crease shingles. Hail can cause the loss of the shingle granules and lose the ability to properly shed water. Ice dams can form near the gutters of the roof, which causes leaks.

All of these types of damage can lead to water leaking into the attic and interior of a home. This is why it is important to check your roof after each storm and at the very least once per year.

Water damage can cause watermarks on ceilings, mold to grow, water in electrical boxes, and wet insulation. If the insulation becomes wet, it loses its ability to insulate. Mold is a health threat to the entire family and expensive to get rid of. And water in the electrical boxes can be a real problem.

Energy Saving Shingles

Changing the color of the shingles can save money. It’s like touching a dark-colored car on a hot day, it retains the heat. It’s the same way with a dark roof. It will absorb and retain the sun’s heat, which makes it cost more money to cool the home.

New designs in shingles can reflect the heat, keeping the home cooler during the summer. According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, Energy Star reflective shingles can save you as much as 15% on cooling costs. Using Energy Star reflective shingles can also qualify you for a tax credit. You save money in two ways when you replace your roof with new shingles.

New Underlayment

A roof replacement can also mean a new underlayment. An underlayment protects the wood roofing structure from moisture. This will prevent wood rot and damage from mildew, and extend the life of your roof. A new underlayment insulates and keeps the heat from escaping, lowering energy bills.

Radiant Barrier

When a new roof is installed, a radiant barrier can be installed. This will work great with any kind of shingles that are on the home. A radiant barrier is a coating that will keep the heat away from your attic, which will keep your home cooler. They are more effective in hotter climates and can reduce cooling costs by 5% to 10%.

Lower Insurance Costs

Roof replacement ensures that the new roof meets all building code requirements, will last longer, require fewer repairs, and can lower homeowner’s insurance costs. A roof replacement can save all homeowners money in the long run and will end up paying for itself in the money you save.

If you have any questions about a roof replacement or installation, call Dream Builders of Virginia today at (540) 295-4111 for a free consultation. We serve the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and King George areas.

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