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New Year, New Deck!

help you get some much needed open space and fresh air. A deck will give you the chance to host casual and formal gatherings such as picnics, barbeques, luncheons, and parties. Here are some reasons why you should get a new deck in 2021.

You Can Erect an Additional Living Space
Decks are becoming larger and larger. In the past, they were just cozy spaces that could fit one grill and a few chairs. Today, they have become expansive spaces that can house dining, kitchen, lounging, and play areas. Decks are now large enough to fit multiple kitchen appliances, chairs, tables, hammocks, pool tables, and even small playgrounds. It is worth mentioning that, on the market, there currently exist multi-level decks, which have stairs that separate them into different parts; each part can contain a specific ‘room’ or be used for a specific purpose.

You Can Generate a High Return on Investment
Unlike other projects such as a bathroom remodeling effort or a family room addition job, building a deck can yield a very high ROI. Most decks cost around $5,000-$10,000 and the average ROI for such decks is approximately 70%. For wood decks specifically, you can generate an ROI of 80%. There many factors that affect a deck’s ROI including the material used to build it, its location, its size, its design, its special features, and its ease of access. Large decks that have a unique design, are quite accessible, have exceptional features, and are located in warm regions will generate an extremely high ROI.

You Can Customize Your New Deck
There are many benefits associated with having a custom deck installed in your home. Here is a list of the benefits of having a custom deck:

  • They can provide ample space.
  • They can provide lasting value.
  • They can be relatively affordable.
  • They can provide special amenities.
  • They can be used for beautification.
  • They can be created fairly quickly.
  • They can provide comfort and, in some cases, luxury.

There are two main types of decks that people install in their homes. There are composite decks, which consist of a blend of wood byproducts and recycled plastics. And there are wood decks, which consist of pressure-treated lumber. Sometimes, homeowners will request that their decks consist of a fusion of composite and wood materials. Composite decks are beneficial because they are very resistant to termites and poor weather conditions.

Wood decks are advantageous because they are versatile and can be easily stained or painted; nevertheless, wood decks require significant amounts of maintenance and are not as durable as composite decks since they are prone to splintering and twisting.

Whether you want a wood, composite, or a hybrid of both, we are here to help! Contact us to get started on your deck installation!

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