The Many Benefits of a Sunroom

Most of us cherish our time outdoors – until rain starts smattering on your head, or the wind picks up sending chills, or maybe the beating sun causes you to sweat. And let’s not forget about the mosquitos, either. Spending time outdoors, enjoying your yard – be it a masterpiece or a work in progress – should be enjoyed by all, minus the inconvenience of the elements, insects, or other outdoor nuisances. A sunroom can solve all of these challenges, but there is so much more to it than protection from the weather. Continue reading to discover five amazing benefits of adding a sunroom to your home.

1. It Increases Property Value

We are happy to inform that adding a sunroom to your home will be a great return on your investment in the future. In general, increasing the size of your home will automatically increase its value, and adding a sunroom is one of the most affordable ways to expand your home. They are easy to maintain, and future buyers will see the value of a functional sunroom, and are willing to pay more for one.

2. It Can Help You Save on Your Energy Bill

Adding a sunroom can actually reduce your energy bill. By utilizing your sunroom as a personal or family space, you’ll find yourself turning on the lights far less often. As a sunroom is mostly windows, the room is flooded with natural light, brightening up the space even on the most cloudy days.

3. It Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Sunrooms just look. So. Good. They are very attractive, and there’s just something about big wide windows that adds to the architecture of your home. After adding a sunroom, you’ll find that it will quickly become the favorite room in the house.

4. It Boosts Your Mood

There’s no doubt that natural light provides a host of health benefits. This is particularly important if you or anyone in your family suffers from symptoms of depression or seasonal affective disorder. The extra light may be just the trick for bringing warmth – literally and figuratively – into the home.

5. Adds Extra Living Space

How does it sound to have your breakfast under the morning sun? Or maybe dinner under the stars, equipped with decorative string lights? Sunrooms offer the perfect getaway for a quiet meal, stretching out, or entertaining guests. If your home is beginning to feel crowded, whether it be from the amount of people living there or the amount of personal belongings, extra living space is just the thing.

This perfect getaway could be your new workout space or yoga studio. Maybe you could use a new office space in a more peaceful setting. Sunrooms additionally provide a fantastic space for children’s game rooms or media rooms.

Start Building Your Luxury Sunroom With Dream Builders

Now that you know why so many choose to make the investment, are you ready to reap the many benefits of having your very own sunroom? Dream Builders creates beautiful sunrooms perfect for your needs. We’re licensed, insured, and provide seamless installation that’s hassle-free. If you’re in Central or Northern Virginia and thinking of adding a new sunroom to your home, call us at 540-295-4111 or visit our website at to see past projects and learn more about us. We’ll get your sunroom done right!

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