We Have a New Website!

Recently, we’ve taken drastic steps to provide our customers with the highest quality services possible, and that includes fully updating our website. Our old site was clunky, slow to load, and difficult to navigate.

Now, we’ve created an entirely new site that doesn’t suffer from those issues, and it has never been easier to enlist our services. Let’s go over some of the new changes.

Our New Look Is More Professional

The internet has definitely changed over the years, and our old website didn’t meet our high standards. It was a bit outdated.

Our new site incorporates visual design elements that are attractive and easy to understand. Our new submission form is built right into our homepage to give you an easy way to contact us about anything you may need to know, and the other parts of our site are now conveniently located at the top of our homepage. The icons for each page are large, easily visible, and responsive. This is a major step forward from our old design that was difficult to see and not as intuitive.

Finally, we have added updated the services on our site to show our customers exactly what we can do for them. The counties we work in, the amount of clients we’ve satisfied, and other bits of useful information are immediately available on the front page. This keeps our customers from having to blindly search around our site to find basic bits of information.

Easier To Understand Directories

We’ve already talked about how our pages are listed in a more intuitive way now, but there are also more categories, and each category is more descriptive of the content our customers will find on a certain page.

This makes it much easier and faster for our customers to learn about our services, payment options that we accept, and every other factor that may affect their projects.

In the past, it wasn’t easy for our customers to see how they could pay for our work, what types of projects we handle, and how they could contact us. They had to dive into piles of menus to find any of that information. Now, it’s conveniently separated into several smaller pages that are labeled appropriately.

The Same Unparalleled Service

Our website might be new, but our high-quality service standards remain the same. We have pleased more than 1760 clients with our deck building services and home renovations, and we see no reason to fix something that isn’t broken. When you come to Dream Builders of VA, your project will be handled with the care and attention to detail that it deserves. It’ll just be a lot easier for you to learn about us and enlist our services.

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